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Archive for December 2018

Recycling, Creativity and Service Come Together

In Sonora, California, a wooden snowman on the lawn says much more than “Happy Holidays.” The snowmen, like the wooden pumpkins that decorated homes at Halloween, are a sign of support for the Sonora Lions’ Tree Mortality Aid Program (TMAP). Through TMAP, Lions are using the wood of beetle-killed trees to create decorative lawn ornaments…

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Skills, Meals, and Hope

As a 6-year-old boy, Joseph Pagulayan was abandoned, left to wander the streets of Manila in the Philippines alone. His survival was dependent on finding something to eat each day “like a street dog,” he says. His world was the public market where every day he made a few pesos carrying buckets of fish from…

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Lions’ Efforts in 2007 Result in New Therapy in 2018

Physician clinicians and researchers in the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of Iowa have been working to make important research breakthroughs in the fight to combat Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA), a genetically inherited eye disease that causes babies to be born blind or children to go blind before reaching school age.…

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Lions Make Historic Donation To Fund Genetic Research

The Downtown San Diego Lions were looking for a project that would pack a punch. With the goal of accelerating research to prevent blindness, the Downtown San Diego Lions Club Welfare Foundation made a US$400,000 gift to support the UC San Diego Shiley Eye Institute’s BioBank—the largest gift the organization has made to a single…

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